Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Refrigerant Leak Detection and Monitoring Systems…

Conditions of Sale
Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. Prices are FOB Roswell, GA, USA. Price prevailing at time order is received will apply except as guaranteed by written quotation. If order price is different from current price, purchaser will be notified before order entry.

Prices do not include taxes. If taxes are due on use, sale, or transportation of the goods, payment is the purchasers responsibility.

Shipment will be made prepaid and charged to U.S. destinations unless otherwise instructed. Title passes to purchaser upon delivery to initial carrier. Any damage claims must be filed by purchaser against carrier.

All sales are considered final when shipment is delivered to initial carrier. Returns are subject to 20% restocking charge. Credit will be authorized only for material returned within 90 days of invoice date in original condition. After 90 days from invoice date returns will be accepted only as stated in the warranty.

Instrument is guaranteed against defects in workmanship and materials for one year from date of shipment. Any found defective within that period will be repaired or replaced, at our option, free of charge, FOB our plant. This warranty is voided by abuse, alteration, or repair not in accordance with our instructions.

This warranty is the full extent of liability and we are not responsible for any direct, incidental, or consequential expenses or damages incurred. Our sole obligation under this warranty is limited to repairing or replacing materials which have been returned and which, by our examination, are defective.

This warranty is expressly in lieu of any and all other warranties and representations, expressed or implied, and all other obligations or liabilities, including fitness for purpose and merchantability.

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