PIR Refrigerant Monitors

State-of-the-art Photoacoustic IR delivers maximum accuracy & sensitivity

Haloguard IR

Most sensitive (1ppm), highly selective Photoacoustic infrared refrigerant gas monitoring.
Highly selective single gas monitor with sensor and controller all-in-one, with 1,2,4, or 8 channels. Three alarms are adjustable between 10ppm and full scale. Optionally, monitor up to 3 different gases simultaneously from up to 24 points by adding Remote IR modules and Channel Scanners.

Haloguard III

Multi-gas, wideband PIR cost-effective 20ppm sensitivity for refrigerant gas monitoring
Haloguard III features wideband photoacoustic infrared (PIR) technology for monitoring up to 8 gases with sensor and controller all-in-one. Three alarms are adjustable between 50 ppm and full scale.

Remote IR Modules

Expansion Photoacoustic IR Sensor Modules for up to 24 sample-point capability. Each remote infrared sensor module (2 max per instrument) expands the Haloguard IR or Haloguard III sensing capability by up to eight channels. Connects to the controller via a 4-20mA output, using a two conductor twisted pair cable, allowing the module to be placed near the area to be monitored, thus minimizing sample tubing distance.


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