Start-Up & Maintenance

Start-up & Maintenance

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All downloadable documents are provided in pdf format.

General Service Request Forms

Downloadable Introduction Letter to Start-up, Gas Testing, and User Training click here

This letter describes the purpose and suggested timing of the start-up process to maximize its value for the end-user and assure system components provided by other trades are connected properly in advance. The downloadable letter also offers more information about gas testing and response demonstrations.

Final Start-up Check Lists

Complete the checklist during the start-up service and leave a copy with the end user.

User Training Documentation for Haloguard III & IR

A training syllabus is provided for any required user training, as well as a user manual with helpful highlights in the subject areas to be covered.  An instrument-specific manual with the model and serial number filled in on the front page should be left with the customer and stored inside the instrument cover.

BACNET Manual click here

For quick reference, wiring connections are on pages 2 and 3. Pages 4 and 5 show the setup and adjustment for MAC address and Instance Numbers. A list of all the Supported BACnet Objects from the Haloguard IR begins on page 6.

Flow Failure Fault click here

Flow failure is an indication of the pump aging – typical life is 5 or 6 years - but often it may still have enough pressure to work properly. If you get a “Flow Fail” message, the problem might be resolved with a simple adjustment on the pressure switch. Please download this document for assistance or call our office.

Gas Type Programming Procedure click here

Draw Pump Replacement click here

  • Use this procedure with caution. Field replacement is only recommended for experienced technicians. Please contact our office if you need assistance or wish to have the unit serviced in-house.

Oxygen Sensor Replacement for Haloguard IR and III click here

Voltage Test Location click here


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